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Paris Pyrography

Paris Pyrography is a one man business that specialize in creating one of a kind, made to order, skateboards using the art of pyrography. He had asked me to design a new sticker to promote his business. He wanted a sticker that "felt like one of a kind".



How would I make a sticker that would be printed in bulk, be or feel like one of a kind? It seemed like such an impossible task. I began by researching pyrography itself, viewing his work, seeing what styles appealed to him and the general vibe of his company. 




I then found myself thinking more about the manufacturing process, how he creates one of a kind boards and thats when it hit me. What if we had the sticker sheet screen printed before the digital print process? Then there is more freedom in the background you can choose on every individual sticker.

Pyro 1 website.jpg


Design time

I felt this project required less design and more illustration. Freshly inspired by his work and the styles of his favourite board graphics, I found myself sketching out "tongue and cheek" burning skulls. I finished with the image shown on the left. Which at first doesn't seem visually striking, however the final vision is to be completed physically to come into true fruition.


Testing and finalisation

To save money and time for the client, I had the luxury of testing a few sticker prints in a friends studio. I had simply taken a sticker sheet and lightly air brushed the entire thing in different colours, then I printed my graphic on top. In an attempt to replicate screen printing in the bulk final scenario. The client and I were very pleased with my test and thus began bulk production! Every sticker is individual!

paris 1.jpg

Final Piece

paris 1.jpg
Paris Pyro Colour Sticker.jpg
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