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Lariatt Skate Store

I was working at Lariatt Skate store for a few years, It gave me a wonderful opportunity to grow as a designer and help the local community find the skate equipment! I was asked create some self branded products. Below is an overview of the projects.

Bolts T - Front.jpg
Bolts T - Back.jpg


sleeve T-Shirt 

"Bolts" A heavy duty, warm and flexible long sleeve T-Shirt. Perfect for skateboarding in harsh winter conditions of the UK. Released in the run up to the  holidays, Humbly priced at £15 this quickly became a christmas stocking best seller and sold out in both black and white variations before the new year.    


"Glow" Beanie hat

Perfect for those short winter days, the daylight diminishes early but the desire to skate goes long into the darkness. We admire the idea of combining safety and aesthetics. What better than a 3m reflective stitched beanie to keep you warm, visible and looking good in the streets.

lariatt beanie with glow website.jpg
lariatt beanie glow website.jpg
Lariatt pool coping sticker.png
Lariatt pool coping photo.jpg


Pool Coping Sticker

A playful sticker design based on the commonly skated back garden pools. This cartoon and fun style is aimed at the younger demographic of skater. The main sales of stickers in the store were to under 16s. 


80's holographic sticker

Also aimed at the younger demographic, we went for an 80's feel with bright bold colours to attract the younger market. Printed on holographic semi-transparent vinyl to create a very vibrant shiny sticker!

80's lariatt 3.png
Lariatt 80' photo.jpg


Shop Flyer for
ABC students

The owner of Lariatt skate store also owns ABC Skateboarding which provide skateboard lessons for all ages. Most commonly the younger generation, this flyer was created to be handed out at the sessions. So the students can get the best quality specialist equipment from the near by store and receive exclusive discounts!

Flyer Final.jpg
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