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Flor Rodriguez

Florencia is a freelance photographer, she had asked me to create a unique logo for her freelance business. A logo to inspire all who see it, something to represent her talents, with a personal and professional aesthetic.  

Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 17.23.01.png



How can I fulfil such an open brief? 
I naturally I began conversations with her trying to dig deep into her creativity. What inspires her? What are her favourite things within the world of photography?
She began to show me many photo's...


Idea's anyone?

How can I simplify such beautiful imagery into a powerful logo? After many questions and idea's, one question resonated within me. How would a photographer show someones personality?

A Portrait!




She had shown me so many portrait photos, always passionately commenting on the contrast and skin texture. Eureka! Now it was my time to pick up the camera, With her assistance a photoshoot of her was under way...


The final transformation

After the shoot I had a lot portrait shots of her for inspiration, time to get to work! After trying a few variations, it quickly became apparent that the side view shots where the most striking. I then used this image as reference in illustrator to create a vector version of this image. After many 100's of brush strokes it was time to finalise it all! In addition of custom one of a kind type face to tie it all together.

This project was a pleasure!


Final Piece

Flor Logo.png
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