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Death Skateboards x Lariatt

In my time working at Lariatt skate store I was given a dream project! To design a skateboard graphic for one of the top UK skate Brand's and also my favourite one! The aim is to collaborate Death skateboards with Lariatt skate store and also make a board that will sell well to our target audience! 

Lariatt store photo.jpg



Lariatt skate store is based in St. Albans with a fun and light energy. The stores branding follows three colours, black, white and a very specific shade of green. I wanted to find a way to represent their heritage and follow their branding package simultaneously.



I began researching St.Albans heritage and became attached to the idea of using the coat of arms for St. Albans in some way. I began playing with variations of the coat of arms, while researching death skateboards in more detail.

St albans coat fo arms.jpg



I had found out that death skateboard's top selling board was their most simple. Their very first graphic the "OG Team Skull", I believed that its simplicity and bold nature are what people of all ages found most attractive about it. How can I collaborate two strong sets of branding without dampening either one?


Ideas and testing

After a lot of mock ups and tests, I decided for the benefit of both company's to create a version of the "OG team skull" including the St. Albans coat of arms in some way. I wasn't pleased with the initial tests and decided to try and simplify the graphic more.

Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 13.53.20.png


Ideas and testing

After stripping the colour of the shield I felt my self narrowing in on a more solid design. After many variations I found that the completely shieldless design was much better as it gave a more clean and easy to read aesthetic on the over all image.

Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 14.08.19.png



Now I had a few variations of the Design in play I approached both parties for their opinion. Shieldless with only four colours was a unanimous vote! Now just to add the final touches and prepare for screen printing!

Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 14.17.36.png


Final piece and sales

Here is the final piece! In just 3 weeks we had completely sold out of all shapes and size boards! Incredible news and a huge win for everyone! Here are some photos of happy customers and the day they went on the shelfs of the UK. This project was a pleasure and a dream!

Death x Lariatt website.jpg
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